Friday, January 8, 2016

Random Reactions response.
It's extremely hard to believe that any social medium can provide so much anti-social dissonance.  Radical thinking, either to the left or to the right, does exactly what our legislative process has mastered...encourage the skill of non compromise.  How can increased background checks for gun sales and/ownership possibly be a bad thing?  How is it possible for the president to be wrong in EVERY decision he has been forced to reach due to lack of legislative reasonableness?  How is it possible for a party affiliation to demonize an individual?  How can anyone in the name of their "god" dare to judge another?  Instead of hate, offer solutions.  Instead of bigotry, offer tolerance of opposing views.  Instead of venting, celebrate the good in your lives.  We are profoundly impacted by those with whom we associate.  Imagine the good we could accomplish if we practiced the power of the positive!  We have the right to our opinions.  We have the right to express them.  But more importantly, we have the responsibility to leave the world better than we found it.  Negativity, by its definition, leaves less, not more.  The world is not a bed of roses... But oh, how much better it would be if we could accentuate the flower, not the thorn!

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