Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Don't tell me...

Don’t tell me...
     To look at things in the past.  You tell me the same or worse things have been done.  It doesn’t justify the now.  Regardless of timing, wrong in the past does not ameliorate wrong in the present.
     That he is better than the alternative.  You simply can’t prove it.
     You’re up in arms about sexual harassment but you have the gall to support a misogynistic embarrassment to my gender.
     You can forgive the deceit and blatant lies.  
     To respect the office of the president.  How can I when he doesn’t?
     That we the people elected him.  No!  WE!  Didn’t!
     To remain quiet because I will alienate others.  If I don’t speak my mind, I’m akin to those who support him!

I taught speech.  In my career, I spoke to my children of respect; it should not have to be earned...it has to be lost.  He has.  Yet today, I speak to the good in this country.   I speak to the good in this people.  I speak to honesty, dignity, and fair play.  Mr. Trump, I can not speak of you.  
Don’t tell me...to remain silent any longer!

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