Friday, July 31, 2015

The end of July

Andy Rooney said it best.  "Life is like a roll of toilet paper.  The closer you get to the end, the faster it goes!"  How is it possible that July will become August tomorrow?  Where?  Where did it go?  It was only yesterday that I was in sweat pants, a sweat shirt, and a winter coat.  I want more time to sweat without all the clothes!  Maybe October and November will be balmy.  Maybe the thermometer will not register below freezing until December.  Maybe pigs will fly.  I guess the only thing is to pack as much as I can into the out doors now!  To that end, I'm going to mow tomorrow!  Beats the every lovin' bejeebers out of shoveling!!!!  And.........look out August!  Enjoy every single second, and know you are loved!

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Never judge a flower by its bud

I found it daunting.  Intimidating.  And a little scary.  Memories of Seymour singing "Feed Me" went through my mind.  It's just plain creepy!

But then, I saw what it was to become...

and I realized that different buds do produce different flowers--in this case, stunning!  I guess I shouldn't be so quick to judge, huh?  Amazing how there are still so many lessons for me to learn!  Enjoy the strange and the wonderful, and know you are loved!

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

If you read the blog five days's a

I was just positive you were dying to know!!!!!  Pretty little devil.  I guess I won't kill any more to identify them!!!!!  Drink that nectar, oh Great Golden Digger Wasp!

Monday, July 27, 2015

It has to be the drugs!

Nope!  I don't understand it.  I can't explain it.  But almost every day I wake up happy--excited to see what the day has to bring.  Some call it a sickness.  One can obviously be too perky!  But oh, how I am thankful for whatever the cause.  I just can't imagine not being able to find the good.  I often say to the love of my life, "Look at the person.  Life can't be that bad.  The least they could do is smile in return."  She does an amazing job of being married to Pollyanna.  She explains to me that some people don't smile naturally.  Some people literally have nothing about which to smile.  Not everyone is as lucky as we.  And she is right.  To a point.  I don't need a chorus of zip-a-dee-doo-dah.  I don't need a glad hand and a laugh.  But a smile is a choice--and the more we choose it the easier it becomes.  I'll be happy to give you one of mine...because you are loved!

Sunday, July 26, 2015

The joy of sweat

We went for our morning constitutional--okay--our mid-day constitutional.  Ran into lots and lots of people we knew.  Came home.  Decided it was time to mow.  But wait--the retaining wall to the north looked terrible--weeds and quack grass abounded.  Nice day, says I.  So on my hands and knees, I attack the problem.  Observation--quack grass has to be the most opportunistic weed I have ever encountered.  Give it a start and it spreads and grows proliferously.  (My dictionary says that's not a word.  It is now!)  Be that as it may, pulling weeds against a whitish wall in the middle of the day can be somewhat dehydrating.  By the time I was done, I'm sure my bodily fluids had depreciated significantly.  (They must have--that's the longest I have gone without peeing for years!)  It looked marvelous!  On to the mowing.  This was, unfortunately a diagonal day.  You know the drill.  Mow 1--vertical.  Next mow--horizontal.  Third mow--well that was today.  This particular event brings out in me the only anal-retentive policy by which I abide.  The angle has to remain the same in both yards I mow.  This means going over the sidewalk and the driveway a significant number of times.  Result--significant increase in time spent.  More sweat.  When I finish the front and side yards, I take time to replenish liquids.  Two liters later, and the entire yard is done.  Drenched, I head for indoors and the air conditioner.  Heaven.  Time to shower.  But first, I must blog.  And as I sit here, reconstituted, refreshed, and feeling something like a slat lick, I realize I feel good.  The yards look good.  A little sweat in this case yielded a wonderful result.  And I celebrate the fact that I can weed, I can mow, and I can sweat!

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Medical alert

My caduceus is not hanging in front of the house.  My bachelor of science degree is a sham, although I did pass all the science classes.  (Note--take them in the summer and they are a lot less difficult!)  I am neither an herbalist or a whole-food specialist.  I even haven't tried those non-prescription drugs (but if I'm ever in Colorado...).  There is no basis for what I am about to suggest.  But suggest, I will.  If you are having joint pain--knee--elbow--shoulder, and are a chronic user of food-stuffs containing aspertame, try giving it up for two weeks.  You could try the Stevia-like sweetener (I did--couldn't tolerate it!) or switch as we have to products using sucralose.  Diet Rite Cola.  Sparkling Ice.  Splenda. Or good old fashioned seltzer water.  I know Cath has spurned Aspertame for some time, and her knee problems have abated.  I switched, just because it was easier to use the same products, and my knee problems have abated.  (Of course, I did have a shot, but it didn't seem to work until I tried the new regimen!)  Without thinking, two days ago I drank a quantity of Crystal Lite lemonade, and surprise...the knee hurt.  Call it a placebo.  Call it mind over matter.  Call it an old husband's tale.  But if you have pain in those joints, try it for two weeks.  What, except pain, do you have to lose?  For what it's worth.  And you are loved!

Friday, July 24, 2015

The end...

of year two!  Today marks my 730 blog posting.  My math says that is 365X2!  God knows how many topics have been repeated.  God knows how many recipes have been shared.  God knows what may happen in the future.  But after two years, I thought we should share.  Okay, I will share and you will read.  After reading, feel free to share and/or comment as you wish, either on this page or e-mail me via my web presence--  (You'll notice I made it a link so you can just come back here to get to that page!  Darn clever, wouldn't you agree?)  Ye faithful know I am a sucker for Sound of Music.  Today, after 2 years, my psyche wants to proclaim "a few of my favorite things."
Favorite person:  Cathryn Annette Lewis Zubke--has been for over 42 years.
Favorite food:  Chicken, followed closely by any potato product
Favorite place in the USA (other than home):  Bryce Canyon in Utah.  If you go...when you sure to hike down into the Hoodoo's.  My breath was taken away every time I came upon a new vista.  A religious experience.
Favorite place outside the USA:  There are so many, but proximity and time would lead me to answer Iguazu Falls in Argentina/Brazil.  See comment on breath above!
Favorite playLove, Loss, and What I Wore.  Nora Ephron was a genius.
Favorite musicalSouth Pacific.  My most "enchanted evening"?  Front row at Rockefeller Center with amazing friends and the parents of Lt. Cable's understudy (who was performing that evening) sitting next to me!
Favorite book:  Burr by Gore Vidal.  No!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I started this book and by the seventh night, I was on page 20--and had fallen asleep the six previous nights because I was bored to death!  At this point in time, probably The Crossroads Cafe, but as a lad, I inhaled the James Bond series--still a fun read
Favorite literary genre:  Mystery (infused with plenty of humor and word play!)
Favorite songHallelujah by Leonard Cohen.  The juxtaposition of notes is legendary.
Favorite saying:  "Life is too important to be taken seriously."
Favorite studentEvery single one I ever had in class.  I especially liked the "edgy" ones that hadn't yet decided to be good or bad students.  They were a challenge.
Favorite sport for participation:  Hiking.
Favorite sport to watch on tv:  Any movie that's on opposite the sport.
Favorite apparel: The less, the better.  Shorts over 40 degrees, sweats under 40 degrees.
Personal mission statement:  To add value to every experience I encounter.
Summary:  I am a hopeless romantic; a teenager locked in a senior citizen's body; an optimist.  I seek and get all the attention any one person should have.  I recognize the power of deeds over words.  I recognize that words can devastate.  And I know I am who I am thanks to everyone I have ever met.  Most importantly, above all else, beyond a shadow of a doubt, indubitably, I believe in and understand the overwhelming effect of love.  And in case you don't know it after two years, let me share this:

You Are Loved!

Thursday, July 23, 2015

It's a bird, it's a plane, it's a?

I'm not an etymologist.  Heck, without spell check, I can't even type it!  Last night, the neighbor to the north called me over to witness an unusual experience.  I saw a hole in the ground with a pile of dirt directly to the east of it.  No big deal.  Until this "thing" flies out of the hole, deposits a little more dirt, and flies back in the hole.  Yikes.  In.  Out with dirt.  In.  Out with dirt.  Since I have a Y chromosome, it was determined that I capture it to discover what it was.  Yeah.  Right.  Off goes I to get a zip-lock bag.  Place the bag over the hole.  Capture said flying object.  But I'm afraid to seal the bag lest it escape.  So we get a bigger bag and quickly place the small one inside.  Whilst the beast is attempting to escape the small bag, I manage to get the large one sealed.  If you aren't laughing now, you should have seen it in person!  Thankfully, it is captured and my manly aura remains intact.  Anyhow, I have e-mailed a picture to the Game, Fish, and Parks group to see if they can identify it.  I shall go get my Superman t-shirt!  Know you are loved!

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

It's all about the filling

Every once in a while, I come across a new cookie I just have to try.  Such was the case today.  Actually, I saw the recipe a few days ago and today was the first opportunity to try.  I bought the ingredients.  I mixed the cookie dough.  I baked the cookies.  They were fine.  (Of course I tasted one!)  But then, I mixed up the filling.  Oh my!  Peanut butter, vanilla, milk, and powdered sugar.  Smear it on one cookie.  Place another over the top.  Now, we have COOKIE!  Delicious (but one is plenty!)  They're a little large.  They're a little calorie laden.  They're a little putsy.  But they're a lot good.  You know, of course, there is a point here, right?  While the cookie was good, what was on the inside made them fantastic.  So it is with us.  Different visages, different fillings, but it's not the outside that makes us special.  Know you are loved!

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

A patchwork of color

Sometimes, the camera can create an heirloom quilt! 

It's good to be in South Dakota in the summertime!

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Food for the mind, food for the soul, and/or food for comfort!

It's been fun.  Cath searches for recipes low in carbs.  Bill and Cath prepare them.  Some are what they sound like--unappealing and frankly not redoable.  Some (with a tweak here and there), turn out amazing.  Such is the case of the chicken and spaghetti squash served up last night.  Next time I will NOT skimp on the jalapeno!  I was a bit reticent since we were preparing it for company.  Even though the recipe suggests making a double batch of sauce, I won't.  There was plenty.  Find below the tweaked recipe, and give it a shot!  Let me know your thoughts, and as always, remember you are loved!

Chicken and spaghetti squash casserole.

Begin with 1 medium spaghetti squash, halved and seeded.  Place cut side down in a casserole with 1/2 cup of water.  Bake at 350 degrees for 35 minutes.  Remove from shell by dragging a fork back and forth to form the spaghetti-like strands of squash.  Place in bowl and set aside.

Partially thaw 4 chicken breasts.  Salt and pepper to taste. Chop into pieces. Saute with 1 Tsp. garlic in bacon grease until completely cooked.  Remove from pan and save liquid that remains.

Combine chicken, squash, 1 1/2 cups shredded sharp cheddar cheese, 1 can chopped green chili's, 1/2 cup chopped onion, and tsp garlic powder.  Set aside.

Prepare sauce--combine 1 8-oz. cram cheese, softened (microwave for 30-40 seconds), 1 cup sour cream, 1/3 cup reserved chicken-cooking liquid (add water if needed), 1 large jalapeno pepper, seeded and chopped, (if not wearing gloves, PLEASE remember to wash your hands thoroughly before going to the bathroom--guys, this means  you!) 1 Tbs. crushed garlic, salt and white pepper to taste, and 1 tsp. Adabo sauce (from that can of chipotle peppers you bought for some other purpose!)  Mix all together and blend with an immersion blender until smooth.

Since your oven is already set to 350 (you cooked the squash, right?) add half the sauce (or a little more!) to the chicken mixture and turn into a greased casserole.  Place 1 1/2 cups shredded sharp cheddar cheese on top of that and gently spread the remainder of the sauce over the cheese.  Bake at 30-40 minutes until hot and bubbly.  You may want to finish this off under the broiler to add a little color to the top!

Now here's the extra special treat.  Serve this with Parmesan crusted buns.  Combine 1 cup mayo with 1/2 cup Parmesan cheese.  Cut buns in half, and spread mayo mixture on cut side.  Grill until golden brown and serve warm.  The perfect accompaniment to any casserole.

If you have read this far, you probably might try this!  I highly recommend it!  Your mind will thank you, your soul will elate, and you will feel the comfort of knowing you did it!

Saturday, July 18, 2015

I had to giggle

It's Cath's turn to sleep with the dog.  That means I'm upstairs and have the bed.  Whee!  On my way up, on the first landing, lies an AARP magazine.  I'm perplexed!  Is it supposed to go up or down?  I don't recall putting it there (which of course is absolutely no guarantee that I didn't), but instead of asking, I just continue up the stairs leaving the magazine exactly where it was.  When I go down in the morning, I'll pick it up and take it down...or not.  The ironic thing is, it's a magazine on aging, and the memory is obviously the second thing to go!  Alas!  Now, if I can just remember to go to bed!  Tee hee.  See, I told you I had to!  Know you are loved!!!

Friday, July 17, 2015


For all you horticulturists and master gardeners, you know of what I speak.  For all you of my generation who watched your grandparents grow flowers, you know them as moss roses.  I love moss roses...for the looks and the memories.  Imagine my chagrin to discover that I simply haven't been able to keep them alive.  Next to the clematis, they have laughed at me the most!  So this year, I decided to fool them.  Instead of a six pack of the usual hyenaish flora, we purchased one hybrid.  This would be the year of success.  Clematis and this!

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Something different

I admit it.  I am a foodie.  I like to cook.  I love to eat.  And I find that I am indeed limited in the choices I have to try new things.  Burgers.  Chicken.  Barbecue.  All good.  All appreciated.  But different?  I thought I was doomed to Ground Hog Day my way through eating out.  Then we stopped at the Market Place cafe for lunch.  Egads.  Different things.  Not your ordinary burgers.  Chicken fixed a different way.  And I assume their barbecue is good.  I had the marinated chicken breast with the Thai peanut sauce, Asian slaw and chopped peanuts on a beautifully toasted bun hinting of Parmesan and mayo.  It was darn good.  Cathy had the Portabella (I looked up the spelling.  I found it ended with either an a or an o!  Darn that English language!  :)) mushroom and roasted vegie sandwich.  Also, amazing.  There were several things on the menu that I hadn't seen in Watertown.  While the setting is indeed inside the Hy-Vee grocery story (who, I must admit, hires me to do cooking demonstrations so I have a vested interest!), the food outweighs any negative that implies.  Fancy, schmancy, it ain't.  Clean?  Comfortable?  It is.  When you're looking to do lunch, give it a try.  I think you will be pleasantly surprised. And if you're feeling just a little reckless, try the Thai chicken sandwich.  You'll know you are loved!

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

On the banks of the river stood Running Bear...

If you are any part of our extended family, you know when those first few words are sung, there is literally no way to escape hearing the entire thing through to the end.  It has been an integral part of my life for more years than several of you have lived.  For my years of coaching, it was a rally cry--a way to get my interpers ready for their competition.  We would form a circle.  Kids would take parts, and when the chorus would erupt, the contestants would circle around while other schools looked on in dismay, derision, and, in my own belief, envy.  We WERE the Watertown Interpers.  We were strange.  And we were awesome. 
Not the kind of song that fades away, when I quit coaching, it appeared on the trails of every hike we have taken.  At some random point in time, the verses simply ring out, and by the end of the trip, most everyone joins in the chorus--hand motions included. 
I have embarrassed literally hundreds singing it at Karaoke. 
And then there was the train in England.  In the car ahead of us, a group of scouts was heard singing the chorus.  Unabashed by the fact that we were in a foreign land and I didn't know a single one of them, I immediately switched cars and sang the verses for them. 
It's been sung at several weddings.  It's been sung at a couple reunion.  And with any luck at all, it will be sung when I can no longer sing it.  Because then, it will be "with a love that couldn't die!"

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Open letter to whomever

Dear reader(s!)
Happy Bastille Day!
Understanding I am a bearded xy chromosomal unit, you may find this post quixotic.  But today, I celebrated an event so monumental, I feel the necessity to share.  My Facebook post this morning extolled the colors encountered on a sojourn to Pierre.  This travel precipitated an early rise and shine followed by a quick shower and shave.  (Don't panic--just the trim-up kind of shave!). Spendthrift that I am, I opted for a new blade for the razor.  HEAVEN!  It didn't feel like I was ripping the hairs out one by one.  It didn't take 5 swipes over each sector to approximate a clean shave.  A little gel, minimal effort, and the task was accomplished.  I suppose this unusual event could be repeated more than once a year, but razor blades are expensive!  And every five to seven days, at least for the next twelve months or so, I shall enjoy and remember this morning!  
Cheaply yours, bz

Monday, July 13, 2015

It's not my fault.

Oh, how many times have I said that, when it is a rationalization rather than the truth.  Accepting praise is not difficult.  Accepting responsibility?  Sometimes!  Like today at bridge.  We set out the numbered boards.  Specific boards to specific tables.  Everyone plays the same cards, so it's imperative that the boards are positioned as needed.  Play begins.  We finish the first round.  Time to move the boards.  Oops.  Someone obviously looked at the second round numbers rather than the first.  Wrong boards.  Screws EVERYTHING up.  Why didn't they check?  That was my first response.  Then, the truth hit me.  If I had put the right number at the right table,  it would have been no problem.  My fault--entirely.  But my first inclination?  Hmmmmmm.  As a result, we were unable to score the day.  No losers.  Everyone won!  Not the reason they came, but they were extremely gracious.  No tar.  No feathers.  Just a really red face!  Some days, it sucks to be me. 
Life in the universe will not change because I screwed up.  The world will continue to turn.  No one will suffer egregious pain or suffering.  And god knows, I'll be more careful next week.  But for today, Mea Culpa!  Mea Culpa!  Mea Maximus Culpa!

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Realistic. Specific. Measurable.

If you are a Facebook Friend (or F Squared, as I prefer to call it!), you will know that this morning I set a goal.  I wanted to finish the book I have been reading for some time.  It was a novel by Elizabeth George.  First--if you haven't read her, do so.  The language is superb (I always learn at least five new words in each of her novels--of course, at my age, they may be the same five, but hey!).  Her use of plot development is extraordinary.  Her character development, superb.  Why, then, you might ask, has it taken so long to finish?  First, the book was flippin' long.  To become engrossed required a time commitment, and those of you who know me know time is the most valuable of things in my control.  I have chosen to do other things.  But nature decided my time spent today would be inside.  I could watch television...or not.  I could clean the basement...or not.  I could sit down with the Kindle and read the rest of my book.  After all, it said I only had 4 hr. and 36 minutes left.  Yeah!  It tells me in hours when I should be done.  I'm not sure, but I think it actually keeps track of the average speed at which you turn the page and does the math.  It scares the crap out of me!  But you know...I always like a challenge.  In this case, I knew I could "name that tune" in fewer than four hours.  Game on.  Never mind the dog needed feeding.  Never mind supper had to be made.  Never mind that nature called--and at my age--frequently.  I took the machine with me.  First time I've ever made cole slaw while someone was being stabbed in the neck.  But before our afternoon/evening meal, the case was solved, the denouement accomplished, and the teaser for a new novel established.  Total time from onset of reading, 3 hours and 22 minutes!  Success!  Was the goal realistic?  Yes!  Was the goal specific?  Yes!  Was the goal measurable?  Yes!  Am I obsessive/compulsive?  Yes!!!  But isn't that what goal setting is all about?  Make someone's day today, and know you are loved! 

Saturday, July 11, 2015

a day at the lake

Following today's committal service, the sister-in-law of the laid to rest invited us to her place at the lake.  First, let me tell you of my affinity for the lake.  When I was aging, we lived at the lake, and I loved it.  When we left town each night and turned the corner on the lake road, the temperature dropped 10 degrees.  Add a little breeze from the right direction, and no heat could conquer.  The sound of waves just before I fell asleep had the most wonderful soothing effect.  Add an air mattress and a good book, and a day could pass so quickly you wouldn't know it had gone.  Yeah.  I liked the lake.  And I liked the lake today.  It was hot.  There was a breeze.  And we were with family and friends who all knew our aunt--loved our aunt--and shared that love with each other.  Her children for the most part were there.  Her husband was not well enough to travel from California to the plains of South Dakota, so he was missed.  But what impressed me the most was there were two distinct families in attendance.  You see, she was our aunt by marriage, so her genetic family was there.  Great people.  Sharing people.  Then there were the in-laws.  Great people.  Sharing people.  There was only one thing--why did it take a funeral to bring us together at the lake?  For goodness sake, before you go to bed, arrange a time where EVERYONE you want can be there.  Don't wait for the funeral to make it happen.  Let the waves of today wash over all, and know you are loved!

Thursday, July 9, 2015

weddings and funerals

We have one of each this weekend. 
Tomorrow, our great niece marries the man with whom she has chosen to spend "the rest of her life".  At least, that's what the vows say.  For her sake, I hope she is as lucky as I was when making that decision.  Nothing is more important.  Nothing else will affect the direction your life will take.
Saturday, we lay to rest our Aunt.  She was an amazing lady, raising interesting children, and I can think of no higher compliment.  While she died some time ago, they are bringing her "home" to be buried.  A fitting end to a good life. 
Committal .
Both with bring "the family" together.  Granted the wedding is "my side" and the funeral and "Cath's side", but we thankfully believe that what is mine is thine.  So we will revel with the Zubke chromosomal units and wish her well.  And we will revel (in a reverential way) with the Johnson chromosomal units and wish her well.  And with both families, we will share the joy and love that make us just that...a family. 
To this, we shall commit!

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Right field

It's where are I used to play.  My coach knew most of the balls would be hit to center or left field.  Hence my position.  I'm not saying I was bad.  I don't have to.  Perpetually right field.  So you'll totally understand why the comment on the milk post didn't surprise me.  Of course you would expect  to find a blog from small town South Dakota when you search for milk brands in India!  Wouldn't you?  I know as soon as I"m done here I'm going to try it!  But surprise?  I can field anything from right field!  Thanks for taking time to comment, Esha.  You made my day!  And you who are reading this?  You make my life

Tuesday, July 7, 2015


It was two adults and four children who met us at Applebee's for lunch.  Truly a blended family. 

He is my sister's middle child...fearfully, in many ways, a mini-me!  He works as a policeman/detective in Missouri.  They have no idea of how lucky they are to have someone with his heart!

She is a teacher--a phenomenal role model--and his second wife.  She cares for him so obviously.

His daughter, a high school student, is blessed with an amazing singing voice and the warmth of family.

Her daughter, a high school student, is vivacious and bright and a cheerleader!  She still wants to run into my arms and be hugged.

They, the two young boys in the group, are the sons of my sister's youngest.  Next year a seventh grader and a fourth grader, they are still willing to be hugged and teased and loved.

They are on their way to a family wedding.  My sis's oldest son's oldest daughter.  They could have simply gone on to the wedding site.  They didn't have to stop and see us.  But they did.  The conversation never lagged.  The obvious devotion among the six was delightful.  Some people HAVE to love their family.  I get to!  It was a good lunch!

Monday, July 6, 2015

Again with the walk on water thing!

Following the parade, I knew my knee hurt.  The bursitis was flaring up.  But I'm a man.  I can handle a little pain.  Yeah, right!  Saturday night the knee won.  Every so often, some imp would run into the room, find a 15 inch pin and stick it in my knee.  My breath would take a vacation.  But Sunday would be better.  Yeah, right!  Cath got tired of the quick inhales followed by the twitch.  Advil.  Nothing.  Somehow, Sumday night, I slept well.  Got up without wincing.  At last, the pain had abated.  Yeah, right.  By 7:00, the imp had returned.  9:30 in the doc's office.  One shot.  Oh my goodness.  I can walk.  I can sit.  I can move without pain.  If miraculous is too strong a word, so be it!  I love my doc!  And I love you!

Sunday, July 5, 2015

It's now official.

The parts have been assigned--at least in my head.  The props have been organized--at least on paper.  It's going to be a "you can't miss this" kind of performance.  My harem of nine will titillate and amuse you with Claire Booth Luce's "The Women"!  Done in readers' theatre format, you will meet the most interesting, eclectic characters to walk this earth.  They are indeed, Everywoman!  August 5 and 6 are the performance nights, and tickets are available at Town Players, Mellette House, and god alone knows where else.  This IS a benefit performance for TP and the MH, so not only will you get to hear and see an amazing production, you will be supporting two amazing organizations.  And rumor is, there will be sweets available prior to the performances provided by...Yup!  Mark your calendars now.  Plan your vacations accordingly.  Save your sheckles and join us!  And of course, remember you are loved!

Saturday, July 4, 2015

84 or 65

It was the green machine today.  Reduce.  Reuse.  And my favorite, Recycle.  If you missed the parade, you missed the experience of a lifetime.  Synchronized recycling bin maneuvering!  It was truly a sight to see.  I believe there will be a category for it in the 2020 Olympics.  By then however, I will have retired.  Go out on top.  That's what I always say!   To the two random ladies who didn't call the police when I sat on your lap, thank you!  To the judges who awarded us first place in most creative float, thank you!  And to the powers that be that allowed a 65 year old man to finish the parade in 84 degree weather, THANK YOU!  Now, if I can just replenish the 32 gallons of water I lost, I may yet survive!  Ah yes.  Participatory democracy!  And you are loved!

Friday, July 3, 2015

It strikes me as strange...

We celebrate Christmas Eve.  We celebrate New Year's Eve.  We celebrate All Saints' Eve.  We "celebrate" the 40 days before Easter.  We have a big sale the day after Thanksgiving.  And yet, on the day before the most important political event in our country's life, it's simply July 3.  Oh, there will be an errant fire work or two, set off by those unable to refrain from burning up their money.  Families will be traveling to the lake, or to the cabin, or to the folks, to consume copious quantities of adult beverages, grilled beast, and watermelon.  Tomorrow, there will be parades (heck, I'm even in one!), and candy and sparklers and we will for one short day celebrate the fact that we are free to say what we believe, to practice what we believe, to live what we believe.  I believe that's not enough.  So tonight, I will celebrate the men and women who defend our country.  I will celebrate the men and women who keep us safe at home.  I will celebrate the men and women who govern us, and I will celebrate the ring of freedom's bell.  Know you are lucky, and know you are loved!

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Milk. Ice. Cold. Milk!

Sometimes, there are things that simply should go together.  Beer and pretzels.  Hamburger and fries.  Grilled cheese and tomato soup.  Turkey and dressing.  Margaritas and anything.  By their nature, they are complimentary.  But above all else, there is chocolate and milk.  Warm brownies and milk.  Chocolate syrup and milk.  Chocolate chip cookies and milk.  Chocolate milk shakes.  And of course, ezbz female fudge and milk.  Whilst I was wrapping up the new batch of female, I sneaked a piece or two.  Good stuff.  But there is no milk in the house.  Cream, yes.  Milk, no!  So I shall go to bed tonight unrequited.  I will probably sleep.  I will probably dream of cows in the arctic.  And Ice.  Cold.  Milk!  Know you are loved!

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

It's an addiction

I apologize.  Someone, quick.  Grab that camera from his hands.  But when the colors scream, and the beauty sings, I must share.  I must.  I must.  And not only that, I shall double share!  Even worse.  Mea Culpa!  But oh, how you are loved!