Friday, March 4, 2016

Postcard from the edge!

To roll a pair of dice

The day arrived quite splendid for meeting our new group
In circular gazebo, in ones and groups they troop

The East coast? Represented!  New Jersey and New York.
The south?  It's Carolina, and Georgia pops the cork.

The farthest west?  Dakota!  We represent with four.
The leaders and miss Maurine complete our common corps.

But regions?  Far too easy!  It's names we have to learn.
By number?  Two and twenty.  Oh see those brain cells burn!

We've Tina and the Kriegmans, Elizabeth and Andy
Rebecca, brother Sam, the same last name quite handy.

But then there's James and Katie, a daughter--son-in-law
The last name game is over, on other memes must draw!

We've Jane and Lisa Tilney, we've Hersh and his bride Fern
There's Deborah and her Donald, but prefer he Pat we learn!

There's Karen and her husband who goes by name of Mark
And Andrea does join us she's her for such a lark.

That brings us to Dakota, it's Sarah, husband Jeff
And we?  We're Bz/Cz...decidedly not high def!

We are but NeNe gaggle without our leaders strong
Nathalie, Mo, and Katie...they're in it for haul long!

The introductions over, to vans we all head out
For hike our first--exciting.  This place ain't bad no doubt!

The sugar cane provides us with tantalizing juice
We're off on our excursion...for some?  The map no use!

Unsure of what direction, we manage to get lost
But found us just as cost.

Then supper it does call us, and bed for every one!
Good night!  Sleep tight!  And dream well. For now day one is done!

Day two

We ride to Haleakala and pray it won't erupt
Dear Maui, mighty demi god Imprisons sun--corrupt!

For some the hike is four miles that's enough
But others take the long route.  They're mighty and they're tough!

Tonight it's after supper that we head home for to pack
Tomorrow we will ferry..Lanai's next on track!

It's really quite amazing how quickly friendships form
There must be something to it....Aloha! Is the norm.

Day 3
The bags are packed, we're ready to ascend the mighty trail
The asphalt it is's not for weak or frail

But once the road o'ertaken by trees and roots galore
The visuals?  Impressive!  It leaves us wanting more!

Then off to sweet Lahaina, we lunch where ere we wish
Then Lanai by ferry, some whales we spot...delish!

The hotel is quite frugal...amenities?  A few
But sports like us do comment...we think this might just do!

Day 4
It starts with auto rodeo, let's get the sow o'er hill
Go back go up and back again, the early morning thrill!

Then down to lunch exciting, we end up on the beach
Then off to yellow taxi, and chance to see a breach!

The scenery was amazing, it's hard to rate the scale
But obviously greater was chance to see the whale. 

Then supper was a challenge, we do it on our own?
We're up to task as given, then head we back to home!

Day 5

It's inland that we're headed...the ridge provides the trail
The gulches are amazing, but lunch our holy grail!

The salads were stupendous...the chicken we could take
But glorious in content, the very chocolate cake!

Then back to Seasons Quattro, the afternoon was ours
Some snorkeling, some resting, some time to find the bars.

And now it's off to supper...together our last meal
A time for some tell you how we feel.

In five short days they've miled us...they've fed us once or twice
They've housed us very plushly,, the sand and ocean, nice!

But as the waves are breaking, it's memories we've made
It's old friends and the new ones, the joys I'd never trade.

Aloha is a spirit...embrace it as you will
It's changed my life simply fits the bill.

Again I am reminded, it's not about the trip
It's not about the hiking or the cocktails that you sip,

It's all about the people with whom to choose to spend
The time we have together... you now can call them friend.

So life?  It's just a crap shoot.  It's how you roll the dice.
To you I say aloha!  You made it paradise!

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