Saturday, February 27, 2016

I don't know why they call it pair o' dice!

A trip was in the offing, to Paradise we go,
To get there? Time consuming.  It's far away you know!
It's Sioux Falls, Minneapolis, Seattle, Maui last
But late at night we get there, and now the die is cast.

Up early the first morning, the flowers they do call,
"My picture it needs taking!"  I try to get them all!
Then off to Fern and Hershel, big breakfast and great walk
The tender skin does color, this place does really rock!

Then clean we up for supper, good food, great friends, great fun
And just like that it's over...our first day it is done...
But not without an homage to product made right here
The rule says must be local...the item?  Must be beer!

The siren call of flora does beckon us day two
There's still a lot of're no where half way through.
But whilst we amble onward, a niggling thought does spread
We've flora but no fauna, "Come find us" they have said.

A challenge I will rise to;  but birds?  Too easy these!
Let's capture unique species...a snail perhaps will please!
Or better yet a reptile--those little devils quick
Success with each endeavor...and each a single click!

Successful with the camera.  Success at finding sun!
Successful day two hunting, but now this day is done!  
Tomorrow starts the friends we've yet to meet
So time to get some sleeping, another sweet!

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