Thursday, April 21, 2016

Customer service and the Geeks!

My first experience with the Geek squad was not necessarily a pleasant one.  The initial contact was okay, but he was unable to help me and transferred me to the printer division.  I did not have a printing question.  I had a question concerning hooking our new Inspiron to an lcd projector.  The printer guy said I had to talk to parts, so he transferred me to some young lady who would NOT listen to what I was telling her.  Instead of listening, she seemed to have her own ideas of what I should need.  She was wrong.  Once I finally was able to convince her I really did know what I wanted, she informed me that you don't carry "that part" and I needed to contact Dell.  Mistake!  Obviously Dell outsources their customer service to Pakistan, and as such, while I was an English teacher, most of the time I had no idea what he was saying.  By now, I find it hard to believe you can fathom the depths of my frustration.  I contacted the geek squad again and was finally told (after an entertaining attempt to explain what I was trying to do) that you can't get there from here.  The only connection possible was with an hdmi cord.  That I have.  It is now 55 minutes after placing the original call.  Of course the projector to which I had to connect didn't have an hdmi while I ordered the new computer for the express purpose of today's presentation, we took the old one, connected it immediately, and were off and running.  Part of the presentation speaks of a hike in the wine country of Argentina.  We provided samples of a nice Malbec wine.  We raised our glasses, but as you may guess, it wasn't to outsourced customer service, it wasn't to Dell computers, it wasn't to the "parts girl" of the Geek squad, and as a result, it wasn't to Best Buy or their squad of geeks.  It was to patience, and I think you should appreciate that!

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