Tuesday, April 12, 2016

My very first time

They say you never forget it.  It was bound to happen sometime.  But one never knew when.  After all, it is simply a matter of urge.  Having grown up with Ms. Lucy spouting words of wisdom, "Wait for it, it will be better", I waited.  But the time comes when you simply can't wait any longer.  The hormones conspire with the brain stem.  Do it now.  Do it now.  Do it now.  It will feel good.  But I had the dog with me.  What to do.  Tie him outside.  Bring him in.  Since I wasn't sure he would be safe outside, I opted for B.
The hormones and brain stem were right.  It was wonderful.  What a relief.  But I can honestly tell you, going to the bathroom for the first time in a porta-potty with a moose of a dog taking up the entire floor space did not make the experience easy!

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