Sunday, January 29, 2017

Stand up!

When the flag passes, I stand and salute.  I respect the emblem of our republic.  When a state or nationally elected presiding officer enters the room, I stand out of respect for the office.  I always have.  But what happens when you have no respect for the officer?  What happens when a man, selected by a minority of those voting, tramples on the constitution and/or the principles I espouse?  Then I stand for my country.

The question?  What can Mr. Trump accomplish in his first 100 days?  With a flourish of his pen, he can attempt to completely altar the constitution of the United States.  Executive order Trumps rights.  With cronyism at its worst, he can put in place a cabinet that has little or no regard for what it takes to make a living for the majority of the country.  Power Trumps rights.  With inflammatory rhetoric and a smirk to match, he obfuscates the truth with “alternative facts”.  Bold faced lying Trumps rights.
By nature, I have a tendency to be a-political.  I’m not a party person.  I’m an issues person.  I take issue with this president.  As you trample on the right to free expression, I take issue.  As you profile people based on ancestry, I take issue.  As you destroy faith in a fair republic, I take issue.  As you inflame peoples across the globe, I take issue. 
To the elected representatives who are allowing this to happen, I ask you to stand. Stand up for the constitution.  Stand to protect those of us who do not suffer the problem of privilege.  Stand to withhold confirmation of cabinet members not suited for the job.  Stand for decisions based on facts, not “alternative reality”.  I ask you to be the check on unbridled power and corresponding ego.  I ask you to provide the balance that must exist for our nation to survive.  We cannot, we MUST NOT wait 100 days.  If the choice is to “stand by”, none of us will be left standing!   

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  1. Why should we stand? It just encourages the bastards.