Saturday, February 20, 2016

The empty house

The door to the dining room stands open.  The doorway from the hall to the living room is not blocked with a gate.  There are no water drops on the kitchen floor extending from the water container to wherever.  The door to the basement is left open.  The couch is once again a couch.  And the days go forward, bringing surprise and joy.  There are no dog beds in virtually every room of the house.  The food dishes are put away.  The daily medicines are gone.  And the days go forward, each bringing surprise and joy.
We've done this before.  It is the price one pays.  For unquestioning love.  For a devotion unusual to behold.  For the surprise and joy every time we come home.  So we will do it again.  Not just yet.  But again.  And until then, we will revel in the surprises to come.  And we will celebrate the joy that comes from each other, from family, and friends.  Life IS good.  But today, when we came home...the house was empty.

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