Sunday, November 1, 2015

By the light of the silvery...IPad

Nights are designed for sleep.  Regeneration.  Sometimes, in the middle of that process, a dream may interrupt that desired result.  You know the type...not exactly a nightmare...but close...where when you wake you're unsure whether it was real or a dream?  And by the time you're convinced you haven't actually had your car stolen and will have to spend more time with the people from whom you are trying to're wide awake?  Well, good early morning to you!  Experts would probably analyze the dream and explain why you shouldn't have had that last spoonful of spicy Pad Thai just before bed.  Our yoga instructor would suggest trying some controlled breathing.  Me?  I reach for the iPad.  And write...or play a little bridge...or read e-mail...and pretty soon the eyelids droop, the body relaxes, and I'm ready to go back to sleep...and see if I can find that blasted car!!!

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