Thursday, November 5, 2015

The fabric of life

Denim--because sometimes you need a little extra protection from the elements.
Corduroy--because sometimes life is groovy
Cotton--because there needs to be a justification for irons
Wool--because it keeps sheep from becoming lamb chops
Spandex--because the governor proclaimed I can't wear it in public ever again (but he's not in office anymore!)
Nylon--because the wind blows in South Dakota--Duh!
Polyester--because the world needs more than mono ester!
Madras--because even though it bleeds on occasion, it's prettier for the experience!
Sense of humor--because the body beautiful is not always covered by any of the above and let's face it, it might not be pretty, but it works!
Love--because no matter what fabric you pick, when you wear it with the one you love, it's just fine!

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