Friday, November 13, 2015

It has been amazing!

There are decisions in a lifetime that alter its course.  Should I go to college?  I did.  While in college, should I party or should I study?  I did.  Should I listen to my mother who suggested I take the education block just in case I wasn't REALLY talented enough to make it on the stage?  I did.  Should I learn that terrible situations (like getting fired!) can be stumbling blocks or stepping stones?  I did.  Should I get engaged?  I did.  Twice.  (See note on stumbling block!)  Should I get married?  I did.  Once.  Should I work with an amazing amalgam of children and adults who would each add their part to my make-up?  I did.  Should I surround myself with people brighter, more talented, more clever than I?  I did.  I do.  I call them my friends.  Should I retire before I became a dinosaur?  I did.  Should I expand my realization of this amazing planet by traveling?  I will.  Should I consider sharing my thoughts with others?  I encore career continues to challenge and reward.  Should I write a blog?
Soon, the answer will be "I did." 
For almost every day for the last 2 1/2 years, I've celebrated life with you.  It has been a labor of love.  And before it simply becomes a labor, I've reached yet another decision.  The physical entity that is will remain open.  (Never shut a door completely!)  But as for now, it's growth shall be indeterminate.  How do I tell you what your visits here have meant?  How do I tell you how thankful I am you have allowed me to ramble, to vent, to rage?  I can't.  Oh, ye faithful, and you have altered my course.  Be nice to one another.  Make a difference.  Laugh.  And always, always, always remember.  You are loved!

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  1. Will miss your blog, bz, but totally understand your decision. I'm thinking your thoughts should be in something more permanent. Hoping you were inspired by the Writer's Forum recently. Hint. Hint.