Tuesday, November 3, 2015

I have the nicest buns in town!

Who says I can't come up with a lascivious title to lure you, dear readers, into my den of iquity? The saga of the buns is short and sweet.  Last time I made a batch, I did everything I could to make them amazing.  I added an extra egg.  I used creamer rather than milk.  And I formed them perfectly.  Then, in what can only be called a senior moment, I placed them in the oven to proof and proceeded to leave them there while I gallivanted to Henry for supper, only to realize as I was biting into my scrumptious pork chop that I had actually forgotten to bake them.  They were still in the oven, proofing.  Now the thing about yeast is it does have a limit to it's ability.  Left to rise too long, the resultant rolls will fall flat.  All during supper I contemplated what kind of mess I would find once we got home.  Surprise.  They were still raised.  I baked them immediately and they were fine.  However, I was in need of more, so as I sit here, the next batch is waiting for the oven to heat to bake.  They're a little more traditional in size.  They're a little more obvious in texture, and with any luck at all, they will meet my standard--the nicest buns in town.  And that, my dear readers is "the end" of the bun story!

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