Saturday, August 10, 2013


The day before the day before the trip!  Miss Loosewheel taught me at an early age never to wish my life away.  What happens today and tomorrow could be the best things in my life.  But it is sooooooo hard not to wish we were ensconced in our hotel room in Sioux Falls, not sleeping because of the excitement of getting up at 4:00 am and heading to the airport!  So I will patiently (or not) await the arrival of the day before with hopes that amazing things (of the good nature!) will keep me occupied until then.  I am somewhat perplexed as to how often I will be able to blog whilst away.  It's hard to connect without electricity and/or access.  I fear I will have to journal and transcribe when the opportunity arises!  Should you miss a day, don't fret--it will magically appear when possible.  Here's to the good things and a prayer for the day to pass beautifully (and quickly!)  Always know you are loved!

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