Wednesday, August 28, 2013

with gratitude

Being old, my memory is at best sketchy.  Billfold, cellphone, car keys and sometimes clothing have a way of transporting from where I think I left them to an entirely different location.  Hide and Seek becomes a totally different game for the mature player!  Unfortunately, that also means I forget some esoteric things as well, like how deucedly generous this community is, and how important it is that those of us who have the ability also have the responsibility to give back!  I had the privilege to help pack for our local PACH (people against childhood hunger) program last evening.  What an amazing thing this group does.  No child can be expected to learn when mal-nourished.  We put up over 200 sacks of food for youngsters who otherwise would go without over the weekend.  As a former teacher, this program just makes sense.  But to get the true picture of yesterday afternoon, you also have to see the 20+ volunteers who joined us to pack.  Each was wearing a t-shirt emblazoned with the logo "U n I"--the theme for the 2014 United Way campaign.  This was a group of employees of varietal companies throughout the city who have offered to volunteer their time to raise money for the United Way--a charitable organization for which I have great affinity.  This group supports over 30 different agencies in the community dedicated to helping make life a better thing!  From birth to its ultimate conclusion, they support programs that offer assistance when needed, mentoring when available, and activities both physical and mental to stretch our youth,  And I truly believe someone close to us has probably benefited from the work this organization does.
So I guess this becomes a two-fold rant!  First, a thank you to everyone who goes out of their way to give back.  You make me so proud to be a community member.  You in essence are establishing a legacy of generousity!  "U n I" can make the difference.  Second, if while you are making the difference you make, you could build an application I could attach to my billfold, phone, keys (and at times underwear) so they would alert me to their location....
Give until it feels good and know you are loved!

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