Sunday, August 11, 2013


The time has arrived!  As I write, we are ensconced in the motel that will babysit our car whilst we galavant.  You have to understand, we are in our third room.  Room 1?  Television didn't work.  Not a good thing.  Room 2?  Air conditioner didn't work. Even worse! Room 3?  TV didn't work but little billy figured it out!  (Please reserve applause!). We have time before supper so it's off to the butterfly house--a virgin experience for this couple.  Absolutely gorgeous!  I had a hitchhiker almost the entire time there.  Cool!  Then it was off to Spezia's for our anniversary supper.  Last time there we had amazing food and better service.  We asked for Will's section again this time.  Now for the lesson!  I am completely convinced that food is a most important feature of a restaurant.  Go figure.  But the experience can be heightened ( or conversely, lessened) by the service!  Will recognized us!  He remembered we were from Watertown.  And he remembered I drank an inordinate amount of water!  His demeanor was so warm and friendly, we felt important and pampered!  His caring attitude and conversation made the entire experience memorable.  And he gave us an excellent idea for future travel.  What was already a special occasion was raised to the extraordinary!  Why do you suppose we all can't do that when we help someone?  I know Will will remind me that service does make a difference!  He set the mood for an amazing trip!

Six o' clock flights come early!  I don't know how often I will be able to blog for two weeks.  I will, however, keep notes and write when I can!   Until then, always know that this traveler loves you!

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