Wednesday, August 7, 2013

to make a plan...

One of our very good friends is homeless today.  The complex is which she was living was the victim of a horrendous fire last night, totally destroying her apartment and everything in it.  She escaped with a robe, undergarments, a pair of shoes, and her purse.  I thought it was bad that two weeks ago she had fallen and broken her wrist and a couple ribs...a seemingly trivial ordeal today.  Miraculously, every inhabitant of the complex escaped.  There were a few, non-life-threatening injuries, but everyone lived!  That indeed is the good news.  For years, I have said things are things and can be replaced and if not replaced, remembered.  But to lose it all...the thought is still true--it may just take a little longer for her to believe it!  Thankfully, she has a place to stay, a family to support her, and an amazing spirit. 
The event precipitated a question.  God forbid, should we ever face the same circumstance, what would we save?  The obvious immediate answer is each other and the dogs.  But should there be that split second of available time, what else would we take?  We have a life-time of pictures that could never be replaced.  Maybe.  My billfold (if I could find it!).  Maybe.  We all know it would never be the remote for my tv because god alone knows where that would be!  The potato kettle my mother received for her first wedding and has been in our family and in use since then.  Maybe.  The external hard drive that contains copies of all the electronic documents that are important to us.  Bingo!  The ordeal has reminded me what an electronic society we have become.  All my work related documents.  All the digital photos of recent memory.  All the data necessary to our work with retired teachers.  It all sits backed up on one external hard drive.  And what if I couldn't get to it?  Hence, the plan!  Today, I will be sure that anything digital I do not want to be without is backed up.  Today, I will evaluate need from want and back up the needed things.  Today I will organize the drive so that it is logical.  And today, when I have finished all this, I will take it and put it in our fire-proof box.  You see, if I have to take that split second to rescue it, I won't have time to look for my billfold!  Oh, and here's the kicker.  I have decided to start keeping my billfold and cell phone in one particular place.  You know, I can't even keep a straight face writing that!  But I will try.
I feel better with the plan in place.  It is a good plan...a solid plan.  And if I could find the remote, I would sit down, watch tv, and revel in my intelligent choice!  May you always be free from these kinds of events, and be assured that you are loved!

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