Sunday, August 11, 2013

Early Sunday Morning

Oh, let the water run just a little while longer on the front yard.  You'll remember to shut it...And then, Morpheus hits.  That's one section of yard that will not need watering for a while!  The coffee is made, and another week looms on the horizon.  For us, travel and adventure.  Realize, part of that adventure includes a six hour lay-over in Detroit.  Don't know what we were thinking when we agreed to even stopping in Detroit!  Last time, we were there for 12 hours and missed an entire day of Viet Nam.  (Okay, it was an entire night, but it sounds so much more dramatic to say day!)  That's a story best told in person, but we're keeping our fingers crossed this time.  What excitement will you find?  Where will life take you?  Isn't that the best part?  Not knowing what lies ahead?  Think how boring life would be if we knew!  May the week be filled with positive energy and amazingly rewarding adventure.  May you be blessed with laughter and love.  And may we get out of Detroit on time!  Know you are loved!

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