Tuesday, August 27, 2013

with jet lag

So.  You get cocky, you pay the price.  Woke up yesterday morning raring to go!  Slept on and off the night before, but felt absolutely amazing.  No jet lag for this child.  Morning goes by; go for a run, have our usual coffee and puzzle session (it's good to get back into a routine!), played a little in the garden, had lunch, went to play bridge, visited our aunt, made cole slaw (withdrawal--hadn't had any for over two weeks!), and headed out to supper to celebrate our anniversary with our niece, nephew, great niece, great nephew, and sister-in-law.  Get about 10 blocks from home.  HIT THE WALL!  It was if someone had literally reached into my body and taken every ounce of energy I had.  Did manage to finish a delightful supper with amazing people, but didn't get farther than my chair when we got home.  I'm not sure I even felt the seat match the seat before I was dozing!  Sometime during the night I did manage to wake up enough to transfer to the couch.  Thankfully, I was alert enough to realize I wasn't in the bathroom when I should be, so did get up a couple times, but back to never-never land in a hurry.  Woke up at 5:00 this morning refreshed and raring to go.  Question--how long will I make it today?  The pool is open.  I've got 3:00 pm!
I have discovered on our trips interesting concepts of travel.  When we were in Nova Scotia, there was a poster in a bookstore that said, "Life is like a book.  If you don't travel, you're always on the same page."  I liked that.  I truly believe any time you leave home (doesn't have to be Africa--could be Kranzburg!) you get a different perspective on life.  (Ah, have you heard my giraffe story?)  On the plane from Zambia to Mfuwe (just north and east of Kranzburg!), we were given a water bottle, and on it was written Ukuhamba Kukubona.  (I know--deep, huh?)  Thankfully, there was an English translation--"Traveling opens up a window to the world."  We saw things out our window that were amazing!  We saw people out our window that were so different than we, and yet, so alike in so many ways.  They talked with their eyes and their faces.  Their smiles said welcome to our country.  There body language said we're glad you're here.  And it struck me that I don't always do that.  I take things for granted.  I take people for granted, and I don't often enough say I'm glad you're here!  Well, with my perspective changed and my windows cleaned, let me tell you--I'm glad we went.  I'm glad we're home.  And I'm glad you're here!!!!!  May your book's pages be turned, and your windows remain open!

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