Sunday, October 18, 2015

Bar Stools

The joy of traveling rests in three things.  First, the people with whom you travel.  Second, the place to which you travel.  And third, the things you can learn from that travel.  Having just returned from a southern swing with our neighbor, I can tell you how much we enjoyed her, how much we enjoyed the place, and thanks to both, the thing we learned.  While visiting the neighbor's son, we were enamored with the saddle back bar stools he had sitting near the breakfast area.  So much so, the neighbor thought they would look good in her kitchen.  So while we sat on them and admired them, I called the company from which they came and ordered a set for her.  They were to be delivered while we were gone.  They were.  Waiting for us.  One box.  Two stools.  Okay, one box, two stool seats, eight braces, four legs, 17 bolts (one for good luck), 17 locking washers, 17 regular washers, 17 screws, and the most entertaining little wrench thing you can imagine.  Now we have learned years ago that assembly is a two person job.  Cath reads the directions and I do as I'm told.  Sometimes.  The wrench was quickly replaced by a ratchet set (yes, I can spell it and use it).  The pieces were arranged and the excitement ensued.  After discussing which end was up, we proceeded to put the stools together.  While I finished tightening the bolts on one, Cath began assembling the other.  Voila.  Two exceptionally sturdy stools.  We checked them out under our island.  They would work!  We took them next door and they were ready to go.  We headed home to order our own set.  We got on line.  They were out!  We called.  They were out!  Sucks to be us!  We love Sally and enjoyed traveling with her.  We loved Missouri and Arkansas.  And we were retaught that not everything works out the way you want.  Three for three.

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