Thursday, October 15, 2015

Deep thought #7

If you have made it through the first six, congratulations!  You deserve a medal!  Being the cognizant type you are, you probably noticed an inherent theme.  Surprisingly, the discovery is not that deep.  The theme, on the other hand...
Poets, scholars, and fools have for years attempted to define the concept.  Some think it to be a many splendored thing.  Some think it is a red, red rose.  Some think it to cause fools to rush in.  At times I have been a scholar.  At time I have been a poet.  Most times, I have been a fool". I 'm still not going to try to define it.  Instead, I will propose a mathematical answer to the question of what is it?  Love is the only thing that increases the value of the giver and the receiver.  And I give you mine.  Deep, huh?

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