Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Sometimes, redundancy is a good thing.

I just posted a lengthy update on Facebook, promulgated by a posting I saw.  It immediately set my hackles on edge.  In this instantaneous society, where anything posted to Facebook to some is the absolute truth, I fear that an organization that I so firmly believe in is being misrepresented.  If you saw the post on Facebook, I'm sorry.  Go have an adult beverage (if you are an adult), contemplate life in the universe, and give generously.  If you haven't, read on McDuff!

Lately, I’ve noticed a document posted to Facebook that talks about effectiveness of certain charitable organizations.  It supposedly establishes the amount of each dollar contributed to a particular charity that goes to “the needy”.  I will tell you ahead of time that I have a particular bias toward one of the charities reported, and I am appalled at the information that is being misrepresented (as the document says, according to “Snopes”).  Listed negatively is The United Way.  As a former local co-chairperson and active contributor, I was extremely surprised to see the “information” provided.  I knew from my involvement that two things were true.  One percent of our funds goes to the national office.  Minimally 90% (administrative and publishing costs considered) goes directly to the 30 plus organizations funded by United Way.  Our local board hears and reads the requests of those organizations, and it is that board, not a national power, that establishes need and amount given.  Through our donations, locally we serve a diverse and deserving amalgam of organizations that touch every part of our community.  We are in the middle of our fund drive.  I would not want any misinformation to dissuade our donors.  Perhaps the best argument I can give you?  If “I saw it on Facebook” is your rationale, I would urge you to research the issue.  I did.  And I will again this year “Give until it feels good.”

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