Saturday, October 17, 2015

The eye has it

By now, dear readers, we have established...I AM a wuss!  Freaky things freak me out.  Like blinding flashes of light out of the corner of my eye.  Like a floater the size of Mississippi apparently resting  comfortably right in front of my line of vision.  Like a veil of little polka dots precluding visual acuity.  The onset of said excitement?  Of course.  The first day of our vacation to Arkansas.  Here's where the kudo's begin.  It was a weekend.  Once I had panicked significantly, I called my eye doc to see what I should do.  I got a recording saying I should leave a message.  I did.  They called back.  They suggested that I should not be overly concerned--this type of thing apparently is somewhat normal.  Not for me.  To ease my mind, they suggested I should try to see an ophthalmologist on Monday.  In Arkansas?  Well, I started calling on Sunday and finally reached the clinic Monday morning.  Come in, they said.  They would work me in.  I went in.  I didn't wait long.  They worked me in.  The optometrist who did the initial screening was a wonderful lady who professionally observed my condition and suggested an eye doc look at it.  She did.  She said it was a result of the number of birthdays I have had, and it would eventually go away. Make a follow up appointment in 4 to 6 weeks.  I felt so much better.  As the week progressed, I thought I saw improvement.  But toward the end of the week, either my brain or my nerves kicked in and I decided I wanted my own eye doc to look at it.  I called for an appointment.  None was to be had.  We decided to take a chance, so we drove all day Thursday so I could be at the clinic Friday morning.  They worked me in.  My eye doc explained to me what was happening in terms even I could understand.  He eased my mind.  Wait.  I shall wait.  Until then, I shall see the world through one good eye and one eye that makes so many unique shapes!  This, too, shall pass.  I will once again see through two eyes.  The world will not end.  And I will celebrate "normalcy"!  Perhaps, what I need is a patch...and a parrot!  Arrrrrgh!  I will definitely celebrate the kindness of the professionals who managed to "work me in"!  Attitude?  Gratitude!

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