Sunday, October 4, 2015

But the recipe sounded so promising

I've had my successes in the kitchen.  I've had epic failures.  I've tried unusual ingredients with usual approaches.  I've tried unusual ingredients with unusual approaches.  But when it comes to Brussels sprouts, I have never been disappointed.  Correction.  I had never been disappointed.  Consider:  pickled Brussels sprouts--an amazing zing and fantastic texture.  Broiled Brussels sprouts--great color and mixture of Balsamic vinegar and bacon.  But tonight?  Tonight was to be the pièce de résistance.  Tonight, it was baked whole Brussels sprouts tossed with garlic, olive oil, bacon grease, and white balsamic vinegar, finished with bacon and Parmesan cheese.  OMG.  My mouth watered as I prepared them.  I salivated as I added the bacon.  I almost moaned aloud when I sprinkled on the Parmesan.  I took my first bite.  It was my last bite!  The only conclusion I can come to is the Brussels sprouts probably should not have sat in the refrigerator for two weeks before I used them?  Go figure.  Rarely has the garbage disposal eaten so well!  Alas and alack.  Sometimes promises just aren't fulfilling!  I think I'll have a piece of fudge!

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  1. But it sounds so good. Please try it again...with fresher brussel sprouts.