Thursday, October 22, 2015

Women of a particular age

And at my age, it is best to be circumspect as to what that age is!  We are truly blessed.  In our coterie of friends, we have these super senior ladies who are part of our family.  Some are young and in their 80's.  Others, a little more mature.  Still others, lot more mature.  They are beauty, intelligence, wit, and experience rolled into an amazingly amalgam of personalities.  From each we have learned history, the impact of attitude, the outlook of gratitude, and the hope that longevity will exist for us and be as kind as it has been to them.  Some are related.  Some are card playing buddies.  Some are former colleagues.  Some are neighbors.  Some are relatives of relatives.  Each, in her own way, enriches our every day.  But I'm somewhat bewildered. There are no xy's to go with them.  What does this bode for me?

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