Tuesday, October 6, 2015

In case you didn't know...

it is now possible to make an appointment to renew your driver's license!  In my quest to find the location of our Department of Public Safety site, the lovely young lady at the toll free number asked if I would like to do so.  I said yes.  Unfortunately, I didn't ask her where I should go for said appointment...the reason I had called in the first place!  So this morning, I had to call and tell her that I appreciated the appointment, but wanted to give her a chance I don't offer everyone.  Would she tell me where to go?  She giggled.  Then she told me it was at the intersection of highway 212 and 21st St. SW.  I go to the intersection of highway 212 and 21st St. SW.  I see the Department of Corrections.  I immediately think the jig is up.  Then I see several other state departments.  Except the Department of Public Safety.  I search every sign.  I walk around to the front of the building.  I search every entrance.  Finally, the Department of Labor beckoned me welcome, so I went in and gave the delightful lady behind the desk the same opportunity I gave to the lovely young thing from the Department of Public Safety.  The same giggle--well, this time more of a chortle.  Her directions?  Go out the door.  Turn right.  Come to the corner of the building.  Turn right.  Pass under the overhang.  Head toward the Department of Corrections.  (Again, my jig is nervous).  Just prior to the Department of Corrections there is an alcove.  Turn right.  The door to the Department of Public Safety is in the alcove, facing north.  Of course it was.  North.  To the wall immediately behind it.  Hidden from view.  On my way out, I discover a sign on the wall that directs one to the alcove mystery, but it, too, is somewhat obstructed from view.  Jubilant that I left home early, I enter the office and notice 8 people waiting for their chance to renew their inalienable right to drive.  I was greeted at the door with "Here to renew?"  "Did you bring your two pieces of mail?"  "Fill out the form on the table."  "The pens are the little things with flowers sticking to them."  I filled out the form.  I returned it to the gentleman at the desk.  He did something to it, took my mail, made copies, and said, "You have an appointment, right?"  "Yup!" says I, not wanting to appear overly proper.  "Take a seat.  We'll call your name," says the gentleman name caller.  Hmmmmm.  I could have sworn he gave the two people in line ahead of me numbers and I heard someone call out 79, but who am I to argue with the man?  I take my seat.  I get involved in a pretty intense discussion of fraud prevention with the seven remaining people waiting to renew.  Then, like the voice of an angel, I hear, "Bill Zubke.  Please come to the desk."  I go to the desk.  It was 2:00 pm.  My appointed time.  I sign my name.  I pay my money.  I read the first line of the eye chart.  At 2:06, I walked out the door, license still hot from printing, waving to the seven people still waiting.  I hurry out to the car, get in, and speed away, afraid the seven may be in hot pursuit.  If I remember, I'll call for an appointment in six years!

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