Thursday, June 25, 2015

Again with the visualization.

We're headed out to the lake for a barbecue.  After a long day of doing almost nothing, I headed for the shower to be clean and refreshed for the evening.  Of course, the end of the shower requires a sartorial choice.  It has been made.  The t-shirt?  Could be worn by a road crew fixing pavement.  I believe the color is subtly fluorescent in the lemon color shade.  The shorts?  Why, the lime green shimmery kind, of course.  What better way to access the lake than dressed as a huge bottle of seven up?  Natty, I believe the term is.  Or, is it LOUD?  The visualization, however, is a significant improvement over what you would have seen if I had chosen not to cover the body beautiful.  Now there's something to sleep on!  Know you are loved!

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