Friday, June 19, 2015


I've always believed travelers have the right to speak of their adventures for the first week on their return.  I feel safe that this falls into the belief.  The roar of Iguazu falls shall forever remain in my mind.  The full rainbow that lit up the sky and pointed to various spots we had visited is etched in my memory.  I guess you could say I am a sensory kind of person.  Of course, this all leads up to today's topic.  One of the places we stayed was a home that used to be owned by Robert Duvall.  His last wife (and current, according to Wikipedia!) was from Argentina, and they built this house, now a hotel.  Impressive, huh?  Even more impressive is the eponymous name--House of Jasmines.  I'm a sucker for Jasmine.  I think it is the most sensual of natural fragrances.  And there was a Jasmine bush right outside of our room.  (Now understand, the room was absolutely amazing, but had been closed up for a while so smelled musty.)  Every time I stepped outside, a Jasmine flower was in my hand, transporting me to a different level of awareness.  They are a beautiful flower with a power that transcends explanation.  So I thought I would share!

If you place your nose closely enough to the screen, I'm sure you will be able to imagine the fragrance!  I know I shall!  Find the sensory experience that you like most, and know you are loved!

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