Thursday, June 4, 2015

On this, the hiatal eve...

I wonder...what have we forgotten? 
Back packs?  Nope.  We are the proud owners of two new ones.  Here was the logic.  We figured the minute we walked in the door with the new ones, the old ones would show up.  As of yet...nope! 
Fudge?  Not yet--it's in the fridge and I have written myself a note to take it in the morning.  South America has experienced the fudge before, but one can never overdo?!
Credit cards?  Nope.  In fact, I did my due diligence and informed them that we would be traveling out of country.  That, of course, brings me to the point of this hiatal discourse.  For the most part, I love credit card companies.  Their service is amazing.  I like the frequent flyer points.  I like the fact that they obviously hire technical support proficient in English grammar.  Unfortunately, with both companies today, they knew the words proficiently...they used the words proficiently...but I was unable for the most part to understand what they were saying.  It was the accent.  I AM OLD.  My hearing ain't what it used to was.  It is difficult for me at times to get the phone centered on my good ear.  But I'm willing to bet in the 12 minutes it took to do 2 minutes of work, I must have said, "sorry?" "what did you say?" "I didn't understand that!" at least 20 times. And part of that time was spent when I did understand and give an answer (who knows whether it was the right one?) with the very solicitous, "Thank you so much for that, Mr. Zubke."  I do appreciate a thank you now and then, but not after every single utterance.  At this point in time, I believe they know we are going on vacation.  I believe they know where we are going.  And I believe that I may have promised my first born child to one of them.  Will they be surprised!  Now, if we can only make it back so I can call them to thank them!
We will be out of touch for the next two weeks.  You faithful readers are familiar with the drill.  I will catch you up poetically on my return.  As I write each day in our foreign lands, I will think of you.  Do the same, and as you think, know you are loved!

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