Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Erato Srikes Again or--here's a little rhyme for you to spend some time!

As I sit here, lost in thought
I harken back to what was taught
"If writing is your plan today
Just get started right away,

Write about the things you know
Write about what life does show."
Sage advice I must admit
Write it quick and don't you quit.

But overhead, a buzzing heard
A sound to which I'm not inured.
It seems that goodness, my oh my
There is a pesky honking fly.

Not a raven--not like Poe
Bur regardless, quite a foe
On my shoulder, then my head
If I were quicker, be it dead.

But age has dulled the quickness gene
And flailing does seem so obscene
I know!  I'll leave the room I'm in
For surely quitting's not a sin

When plagued by demon ugly fly
I know, I'm just the kind of guy
Who'll start again, who knows the score
Who won't proclaim it's "nevermore!"

Just a little ditty to hopefully put a smile on your face and a total understanding that you are loved!

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