Monday, June 15, 2015

They say that all good things...

Packing for the trip home.  Wow!  Thought you might enjoy an inside perspective, so if this works, here's the poetic version of our trip!!  Know you are loved!

Canto uno

We meet in the lobby at just half past nine
Eclectic as we may be
Well traveled for sure with memories fine
Just waiting for new things to see.

There's Ed and Linea from the mighty Northwest 
And Beth from the state O-hi-o
Montana does bring us miss Ann on a quest
To savor the Argentine show

Like new blends of wine, diversity's good
There's Deborah our next double x
She's north and she's south and does wonders with food
That makes her our own Canimex.

Dakota is covered, at least one that's south
It's Sarah and Jeff her best friend
And Cathryn and husband who runs at the mouth
It's I and for guests it's the end.

That brings us to leaders and they're quite a pair
It's Erica and her pal named James
Adventures await us --for us they will care
That covers the gamut of names!

The hike is a warm-up and if it is true
beginnings portend what's to be,
We're in for amazing...delightful...a clue
Of great things that we'll get to see.

Canto dos

Day two and it's sunny, an omen I'm sure
We're off to our picnic at noon.
Our first shrine a woman, a mother most pure
We beseech her--safe travels real soon.

A ways up the road, our second approach
To sainthood, a  male never fear
Our offer to him lest disfavor encroach
Is Salta, you got it, a beer.

Then lunch it is offered, varietal bliss
If hungry we leave?  Fault is ours
Then back whence we came, no bite did I miss
For short option?  Thanks to the powers!

As darkness descends, we meet at the van
To supper, please whisk us away!
For James and sweet Erica do all they can
So Sayeth we all, "What a day!"

Canto tres

Visions of tenderloin colored my dreams
And mem'ries of squash and of corn
The morning came quickly despite all my schemes
A new day of hiking is born!

The van and young Gabby do take us away,
The scenery?  It is divine!
We'll walk and we'll climb cuz we know it's the way
To eating and tasting more wine.

And after the luncheon, unique best imbues
The art work amazing to see
No subject, no object, it's all done with hues
The blue room oh how can it be?

Then matte for some and supper awaits
Each does whatever he pleases
Some wander around through alleys and gates
Some go to a mass with flat Jesus!

Canto Quattro

The cat fight a mem'ry, we're off to day four
All's winter, you know
It's up to the mountains--we want to see more
Cross rock and some gravel we go.

It's cactus and brea with stickers that prick
Our leader?  His name it is fido.
Delighted we're blessed by the path he did pick
See burros--says James--nay..burritos!

The river does call us, She dares us to ford,
And each of us heeds to her call
So simple it looks...that current?  My Lord
Miraculous!  No one does fall.

The lunch is delicious then back to the van
To learn of the weaver's great skill
Then out for the evening, we prove that we can
Consume with the our fill.

Canto sinco

When breakfast is done we head in for snacks
And a sandwich on one loaf of bread
Apparently they had been given the facts
Of what we've been eating ahead!

The van it does climb to trailhead so fine
Where air is as thin as my hair
We head down the path our intrepid nine
To scenery beyond compare.

The plans they do change no long option we
But lodging invites us relax.
And while we pursue that our good she and he
Make plans for our pleasure to max.

At six empanadas we learn how to make
Great pride goes with what we create.
There's dancing and music for everyone's sake
Our pleasure it will not abate.

Canto seas

This morning two separate paths we do find
Some go to the city, some ride.
Reports from each group say we truly did find
Two options...both bona fide.

Then off to the airport, casino next stop
With scenery? We're told "it will do."
With breath that is baited next shoe that will drop
Will be falling at great Iguazu.

As normal, the plane ride was beautif'ly planned
Our only need was to be there
Ensconced in our rooms, all worries are banned
So lucky to have this fine pair!

Tomorrow part two of excursion so fun
Day seven as if on call
Will give us an eye to the watery run
Great Iguazu will take a fall!

Canto sieta 

We've made it...a milestone, enjoy now day seven
The power, the beauty....amaze
We'd been told to expect it...a small touch of heaven
But madre de deos...we were dazed!

From throat of the devil to island so pure
The water is truly a hit
Descriptions do limit, of one thing I'm sure

Repetitive...holy shit!

A bunch!

To put into words the effect of the day
Seems foolish, ill planned and naive
The mem'ries we've made, the things we will say
Mother Nature, I truly believe

Canto ocho

The morning begins, the rain it does fall
But onward do some of us go
The village, antique, the old and the small
Indigenous, don't you know!

Then into the van and border we ford
From Argentine to great Brazil
Goodbye Alejandro, great smiles we do hoard
And at lunch we do eat our fill.

The afternoon ours, to do as we want
Some resting some walking is done
The trip it is ending we've time for a jaunt
The negatives? There have been none.

So how do we put it?  In words that express
The gratitude that we do feel
To group from day one that did us impress
It's been great, it's been fun, it's been real!

Like all things in life, it's not about ends
Or even about how we get there
It's those with whom you travel, my friend
And those with whom you do share

So wherever the roads will take you from here
May the powers that rest up above
Watch over you now and forever, my dear
May you always feel from us our great love!

Vaya con dios!!!

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