Tuesday, June 2, 2015


So...we have this gravel and paving stone walkway along side the planter next to the garage.  Correction.  We HAD this gravel and paving stone walkway.  It was/is time for an upgrade.  The gravel had migrated to various parts of the yard.  The dog had rearranged the gravel so it no longer fit around the pavers.  The pavers had settled into a unique system of high and low existence, making walking on them a challenge.  Remove the pavers.  Remove the gravel.  Let me repeat.  Remove the gravel.  Now understand, we had been bright enough to place landscaping fabric below the gravel.  Of course, it was years old and when hit with a shovel would tear, forcing the contents of the shovel to go to ground.  Insert invective here!  Cath loosened the gravel with a hoe and a planting shovel, placing the first large amount of gravel into a Rubbermade garbage can.  Gravel IS heavy.  It took three shots to empty the gravel into a wheel barrow and relocate it on the rock that exists on the north side of the neighbor's garage.  Of course, that particular landscaping phenomenon was raised two feet off ground level, making it impossible to simply empty the gravel.  I had to go up the walk of the apartment complex to the north, walk down their sidewalk, and dump from above.  Allow me to explain the access to that sidewalk.  There is a 10 foot section between the normal city sidewalk headed north and south, and the apartment sidewalk going east and west.  To get to the apartment sidewalk, the 10 foot access section is large landscaping rock.  Those of you who know me know that I work best unshod.  Up over the rock, onto the sidewalk, push the wheelbarrow to the end of the walk, turn and dump, turn and walk over the rock back down and get another load.  Thank god, that whole process was interrupted by shoveling gravel in the wheelbarrow.  Variety is the spice of life.  After 10 trips, the gravel has migrated north, the pavers are arranged at the end of the walkway, and we quit for the day.  Shoulders know we did it.  Arms know we did it.  Feet know we did it.  But we did it, and relocation project one is done.  Sing and rejoice, and know you are loved!

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