Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Wait for it, it will be better.

If you are a recurring reader, you already know Miss Loosewheel.  The title of this blog was one of her favorite sayings.  It was as close as we ever came to "the talk".  Of course, it wasn't until later in life that I realized that by waiting for it, I had no comparative by which to judge.  Oh well.  By heeding her advice, I found the woman that makes my life complete...so once again, she was right.  Heading away from the R rated advice, I've discovered the aphorism holds true in so many areas.  In my parlance, "If it's worth it, it's worth waiting for."  Take gardening, for instance.  We didn't plant morning glories this year.  But they came up any way...in abundance.  For a split second, I was afraid they would escape their confines in the planter next to the garage and take over the yard.  Thankfully, we have pruners come in every night and trim the edges so they don't crawl down the railroad ties.  (I have on occasion, referred to these pruners as filthy vermin, damn rabbits, and the bane of my gardening existence, but in this case...pruners).  The question was, will they even bloom. 

Yup.  And in reference to the title. we did, and they are!  Know you are loved!

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