Saturday, June 22, 2013


When mother nature gets PO'd (that's "put out" for those of you with delicate sensibilities [and something much more accurate for those of us with no delicacy at all!]), she can put on quite the show.  Used to lights?  Take that!  Used to air conditioning?  Take that!  Used to flushing(!)?  Take that.  Luckily, we only did without for 3-4 hours!  (That would be three visits to the raspberry patch for those who are interested!)  Trees can be replaced.  Items can be replaced.  Not so with people!  I celebrate that I was able to "suffer" without lights, air conditioning, or flushing!  Amazingly enough, so too did all but one around us!  I understand there was a fatality at Lake Poinsett.  Devastating!  Truly makes you realize how much we are actually "in charge", doesn't it?  Ah, the fatalist in me appears (only to be beaten back once again by my innate Pollyannaism!)  Having seen what she does when ticked, I thought this would be the perfect time to remind you what she does when she's happy!  Stay safe.  Enjoy each other.  And know you are loved!

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