Friday, June 28, 2013

The devil is in

I am NOT a detail person.  Duh!  Big picture, that's I!  That being said, I think there are people I would like to be detail the people who work on my car.  I was impressed they knew it was time to rotate tires.  I was impressed when they checked the battery they discovered it needed a good cleaning.  However, and realize that I am beyond picky at this time, I think they should have realized that disconnecting the battery to clean it means that the electrical things in the car are disrupted!  The reset on "maintenance due" disappears.  The clock is not accurate.  Don't get me wrong.  We have purchased and had our cars serviced by the same company for SEVERAL years.  I trust them implicitly to treat us with respect and honesty.  I would recommend them to any and all my friends.  That being said, I would still like my clock to be right when the car is done!  Just saying....  With that said, and after realizing if that's the biggest thing I have to worry about, I am amazingly lucky!  I hope your big picture is bright, your "vehicular transportati" in working condition, and your clocks set!  Know how much you are loved!

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