Thursday, June 20, 2013


on the road.  NTF--squared!  The best description for the run I just finished.  Not Too Far Not Too Fast.  I truly believe that running is god's punishment for leading a bad life.  My life to this point must have sucked!  I can think of no other reason I would put myself through this torture.  Oh wait, there's that ego thing.  If I run I can eat more and not balloon back to 250 pounds.  If I run, I can tell myself I'm trying to stay healthy (never mind the onion rings I just had for lunch!)  If I run, I can keep some form to my calves and continue to claim that my legs are my best physical feature.  And of course, there's the runner's high!  NOT!  I have never felt a euphoric burst of energy because of running.  The only thing that goes through my mind is maybe if I run today I don't have to tomorrow!  Oh well, I guess I run because I choose to, and my choices are suspect at times.  Do something good for you, and know you are loved!

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