Sunday, June 30, 2013

fortuitous events

Only I could find something philosophical about a Gerbera daisy and a ceramic frog!  It started like this:  Mi esposa and I were sitting in the back yard, comparing pictures from her phone and our Ipad.  Now you have to understand, she had to teach me how to use the camera on the Ipad.  Seems as how I would focus and then shut the Ipad down rather than click the camera icon.  Couldn't figure out why no pictures were saving.  (Yes, I was a computer teacher, and yes, I am inept!)  Once I learned, however, I was deadly, taking any and every flower picture I could.  (You should see my Lantana pciture!).  When it cam time to compare pictures, we noticed that I had inadvertently captured the frog as well as the Gerbera.  I think it's an amazing picture.  I will have it framed.  The point is, it wasn't what I was after!  I decided that was pretty much my life.  I've never been real sure of exactly what I was after, but I thought I would try things. 
Like debate.  I was looking for a friend and walked into a debate meeting.  Stayed to listen.  Changed my life. 
Like teaching.  Didn't want to be a teacher!  Couldn't see the benefits.  But Miss Lucy suggested that rather than rely on my plan to be a Broadway star, I should have a backup.  Hence, education.  Not what I thought it would be.  Waaaaaay better. 
Like retirement.  Rest and relaxation.  Time on my hands.  A bit of earned boredom.  Never happened.  Speeches to give, fudge to make, bridge to play, traveling to do.  People to help.  Apparently Ms. Lucy was wrong about one thing.  It may not be on Broadway, but I am experiencing an encore!  And it is good.
Not all my pictures turn out.  Some are blurred.  Some don't work.  Some are just plain bad.  But I erase them and keep the good ones.  I try to make the same choice with my life portraits.  And so should you, because...I want you to be happy...and to know that you are loved!

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