Wednesday, June 19, 2013

in the dirt

Those who know me know I'm happiest when playing in the dirt!  Today was an amazing play day!  We have these perennial gardens in various places in the back yard (translation--plant perennials, mow less!)  Today we decided to mulch one of them.  Off to Menards.  Chose the mulch.  Bought 50 bags.  30 pounds each.  Pulled into loading area.  Told we'd have help.  Found the mulch.  Loaded 25 bags into pickup.  No help.  Brought 25 bags home.  Barrowed them out to the desired location.  Headed back to Menards.  Got 25 more bags.  Last one loaded by "the help".  Thanks a lot!  Headed home.  Barrowed some more.  Whilst I was off gallivanting, Cath had spread most of the mulch.  By noon, we were done!  By tomorrow, neither of us will be able to move!  But it looks nice!  This leaves only one area left to mulch.  Not tomorrow!  Maybe on Friday!  If we can move!  May each of you be blessed by and with your passion, and know how much you are loved!

ps--one of the perennials! 

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