Sunday, June 23, 2013

to perfection?

After the storms--after the rains--after the sleepless nights--blue sky, wafting breezes, moderate temperatures, and a backyard picnic!  Life IS good.  I am enamored with the colors in the garden right now--the brilliant yellow sun drops, the golden day lillies, the maroon flowers on the green shrub that I can't name, the striking purple of the Siberian Iris (which are once again erect following the wind storm thanks to the unused garden fencing found in the shed, which for obvious reasons shall from this point be referred to as our Viagra fencing!), the red geraniums, the mauve wigelia, and the passionate pink of the rose bush all present a kaleidoscope of nature at her best.  Of course, the grilled burgers, calico beans, potato salad and fruit don't hurt, either!  Today we range in age from 93 to 31 and while at different stages of physical ability, we share the common bond of family--some by blood, some by friendship over the years--but all family.  The strength of unity is reinforced.  The power of love, reignited, and the enjoyment that only mutual trust and growth can bring, enhanced!  While the burgers nurtured my clogging arteries, the company cleansed my soul, and it IS a good day!  Know you are loved!

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