Tuesday, June 18, 2013


SDRTA board meeting--Pierre--11:00 am!  Hit the road, Jack (or Bill, Cathy, and Pat as the case should be more accurately described!)  Great meeting and then home again, home again.  Lots of time for thoughts, ergo, today's epiphanies entitled, (are you ready for this?)  Pierrespective!
1)  According to Facebook Friends, today is national fudge day!  Only one day?  It should be at least a month (to accomodate the 31 flavors!).  Today's were rather mundane--female chocolate and peanut butter--but they made me realize how easy it is to do a little thing for someone(s) and how good it makes us both feel!  We just don't do enough of that!
2)  With direction and a little planning, it is possible to accomplish much in a short span of time.  No one does it better than teachers, and experienced mature teachers (we old retired farts) do it well--at least the other memebers of the board!  Their energy, their drive, their wit, and their abilities continue to amaze me!  They should be leading the world!  We just don't do enough of that!
3)  Beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder, but if you were in the car early this morning passing fields of green, lakes of amazing azure, trees fully leafed, and could not see the beauty, well then, my friend, it's time for an eye appointment.  Couple that with the fact that those azure lakes refelected all around them because of the lack of wind, and you would recognize that these eyes were beholding to mother nature.  (And I took time literally to smell the roses!)  We just don't do enough of that!
4)  No one comes in to do the laundry whilst on the road.  You'd think they would!  There's just not enought of that!
5)  The power of friendship is more healing and restorative than any medication, any spa, any retreat!  To my friends on the board--thanks again for your dedication and your leadership!  To my friends reading this blog, thanks for making my day, and to all my friends, let me tell you how much you are loved.  To put it in Pierrespective, you are amazing and I should tell you that more often!  I just don't do enough of that!

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