Saturday, June 29, 2013

deep thoughts

If they can make ethanol from switchgrass, why not thistles?  I could be rich!  See picture below!

If I shower during the day, there is a direct correlation to a job that must be done that will immediately negate the impact of the shower.

Nice summer days pass more quickly than blustery winter ones.

It is possible to drive right by Cherry Berry.  This is obviously an hypothesis, not yet proven!

Vodka tastes better in pie crust than in any other form!

Water is an essential element to life.  They make beer out of water, right?

If I am ever hungry again, I shall return to Spezia's in Sioux Falls and once again order the eggplant Parmesan!  The whole table thought it was amazing, and there WAS enough to share!

Sometimes, you simply have to say the words.  You are loved!
The fence behind is six foot tall--see what I mean about being rich?

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