Friday, May 8, 2015

a first

This morning we were greeted with the sad news that our nephew's father had died.  He and our niece had to leave town, and their two children got to come to Uncle Bill and Aunt Cathy's to wait for school.  Following a breakfast of bacon and pancakes, we delivered them, pretty much on time, and now I sit and wait to pick up the pre-schooler and her friend to take to day care.  Thank god, we have a mini-van!  (I NEVER anticipated putting those words in print!)  At least I will look like a car-pooling expert!  Is 65 a little late to experience your first car-pool event?  Ah well.  If I can stay awake until 11:00, I think I can handle it.  Just a quick reminder based on the morning's start...remember to tell the people you love that you do when you can!  And I love you!

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