Saturday, May 9, 2015

A Tale of One City

Let me begin by apologizing to all Dikensian scholars.  This is a rip-off...a blatant misrepresentation of an amazing novel, and I'm sorry.  Let me add, however, that because I had to read Great Perspirations in ninth grade, I'm not really sorry.  This is pay back!  With that in mind, read on!

It is the best of times; when a school is endowed with phenomenal leadership (have I ever mentioned the superintendent and the president of LATI are former Zubkes' students?), exceptional tutelage, amazing programs, and wonderfully successful students; when a community not only supports that school, but when asked to go above and beyond, simply asks how high and how far; when faced with a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, everyone pulls together and shows a sitting president just what a tiny school in a tiny town can do; when political differences are set aside for the good of those students; when asked to provide a seamless entry and departure do so with grace; when (as I hear the last transport plane leaving) the after-glow of the national spotlight does indeed show that his sobriquet was right on:  he saved the best for last.  Well done, Lake Area Technical Institute.  Well done, Watertown.  As Miss Loosewheel would say, "You done good!", and as her son would say, know you are loved!

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