Sunday, May 10, 2015

The blame game

It's your fault,
Mom, that I have this desire to achieve, coupled with a dogged determination that it be fairly, and recognize the humanity in others.
Esther, that I understand that attitude is everything.
Linda, that I recognize the power to overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles and face them with inner strength.
Hazel, that I realize the power of love in the classroom.
Linda-in-law, that I know that when forced into a situation that is hard to comprehend, one places family above all else.
Rosemary, that I could teach Moby Dick!
Annette, that I learned that kids will react to expectation and a love that is unending.
Kim, that I know the need to find a center that includes care of self.
Deb, that I'm aware that leadership can come from in front, in back, or in the middle.
Ruth, that I learned that friendship is the most important thing you can give away.
Bev, that I know that death does not diminish a relationship.
Sarah, that I enjoy the knowledge that spelling isn't everything.
Cathryn, that I know there is only one truly important choice in life, and that is my choice of partner. Every day I thank the gods that be that I chose so very well!
Oh, ye myriad of women out there--some mothers--some not--you have made me understand the joy that's around the corner, the expectation of sorrow and glee, that strength need not always be strong handed, and that life has been so amazingly good to me!
It's your fault. 

Today as always, know you are loved!

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