Thursday, May 28, 2015

New shorts

If you were to say, "Bill, there's one thing you don't need, and that would be shorts.", you would be right.  But I just can't pass up a good deal, and there was this red pair of shorts that shouted at me as I walked by.  Hmmmm, says I.  I don't have any red shorts.  Now I do.  In my own defense, the excess poundage I have found since I've quit running makes some of my shorts questionable, some of my shorts too tight, and some of my shorts just as ugly as the day I bought them!  Now, it's on to packing.  (And by the way, there is a requisite ugly pair going along!)  Life is good when your primary concern is what to take on vacation!  One week from today, it's "Don't cry for me Argentina" time!  There's room in my suitcase...if you're under two pounds!  Know you are loved!

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