Wednesday, May 13, 2015

There must be some reason...

it 's referred to as "pie plant"!  And I am in the process of discovering again what that reason is!  The very first rhubarb pie of the season is so many ways.  First, it obviously signals a return to a humane season, where number of items of clothing apparel does not need approach my age.  Second, I have yet to find the perfect pie recipe, so I continue to experiment...or is it I can't remember what recipe I used last year?  Third, pie crust continues to present an indescribable allure.  Will it turn out?  Will it fall apart?  No matter how accurately I measure, there is no certainty, and I love the challenge!  The aroma emanating from the oven suggests it's almost time to attack the second "if"...the meringue.  While separating the eggs, a drop of yolk hit the separated whites.  Did I get it all out?  Will the meringue represent bz or Miss Loosewheel, who no matter how many whites she used would get a resultant flat meringue!?  Will it fit in the pie carrier to take to bridge tonight?  Oh, the true joy of rhubarb!  Know you are loved!

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