Saturday, May 23, 2015

cemetary yesterday, rebirth today. Somehow, appropriate!

From this

to this

As we were planting today, I happened upon this miniature iris.  For me, it was an exquisite trigger.  First, it came from an amazing pair of friends...all the way from North Carolina.  It survived the trip home.  It has survived the years, and it continues to remind me of how friendship starts, blooms, and luckily lasts!  Second, it contradicts the y chromosomal belief that size matters.  This tiny little gem holds every bit as much power and beauty as the larger, showier iris that may or may not bloom this year.  Third, and most important, it reminds me that despite our surroundings, despite our circumstances, despite our disappointments and or successes, our job is to bloom where we are planted!  And that's my shot for the day!  Know you are loved!

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