Tuesday, May 19, 2015

The impact of carbohydrates

I happen to love chicken.  Of course I do.  With the bird flu at epidemic proportions, the cost is bound to increase exponentially.  Eggs have already taken a hit!  That being said, last night was a Chester Chicken night, which of course means, today was a Chester Chicken lunch.  Usually, that entails a piece (or two) of cold chicken and cole slaw.  Today, I was on my own, and rebel that I am, I thawed four little rounds of home made French bread, slathered it with mayo, and put Chester between.  Heaven...I'm in Heaven.  The scale will undoubtedly tell on me, but it was worth it!  I'll be good tomorrow...if the chicken is gone!  Treat yourself to something outrageously decadent, think of me, and know you are loved!

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