Monday, May 18, 2015

Piles...of stuff

I don't know where they come from.  There is, in this house, a gremlin whose sole purpose (or soul purpose!) is to find ways to pile stuff on the computer desk!  My wireless keyboard is somewhat claustrophobic and gets upset when there is barely room for him to sit, much less move his friend, the mouse.  So I clean the piles, and an almost audible sigh comes from the keyboard.  The desk (a 40" beauty), now has 36 inches of space in which the keyboard and mouse can breathe easily.  The external hard drive, modem and router rest comfortably on the back left corner.  The printer sits comfortably on a semi-circular stand on the back right, with note pads, an I-Pad mini cord, and a deck of playing cards resting comfortably underneath.  In the in-box, located between the printer and the monitor, sits a plethora of scratch paper and a picture of an older gentleman giving a graduation address to the class of 2005--before removing his pants.  For some reason, there is also a gynormous black paper clip-like thingie and a number 18 star tube for cake decorating(!)  My gremlin obviously has a sense of humor!  But I can quite literally sit back, wave my arms over the keyboard, and not hit a thing.  There's that sigh again.  I believe I shall have a glass of wine to celebrate, for the next time I return to this venue, I'm sure I shall find the piles once again.  Oh well.  Another chance for wine when I deplete them!
Be kind to your peripherals, and know you are loved!

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