Friday, May 22, 2015

cemetary run

It's Memorial Day Weekend.  That means it's time to put plants on grave sites.  Also time to reflect on the inevitable--where they have gone, so I will go.  Hopefully not soon.  However, there are a few things I'd like to put on the record.  Cremation.  Ashes spread to the wind by someone sitting in the back of a convertible or a speed boat--preferably when you won't be caught for littering.  If anyone decides it would be better to put me in the ground, let me tell you straightforward, I will come back and it won't be pretty.  Can you imagine an eternity of claustrophobia?  Should anyone want to send flowers in my memory, please send them instead to someone you love who can enjoy them.  Don't tell them why.  Let them enjoy the beauty without strings.  If there is a memorial service of some kind, do what you need to do, but it CANNOT end without singing Running Bear!  In memorium?  Make the world a better place because you are in it.  Help a needy student advance his/her education.  Help a needy teacher advance his/her education.  Do a daily mitzvah.  Love one another...and exclaim that love.  Laugh a lot.  Learn something new everyday.  And everyday, through all eternity...know you were loved!

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  1. One does have to think about the end of life. By putting it out there so publicly, it is certain to happen the way you want. Your wishes make me smile as they are SO YOU!